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About The Webby Talks Tour

Presenting The Latest Internet Trends

Webby Talks is our unique view into the ever-changing landscape of what's happening on the Internet. Now in its fourth year, Webby Talks is an in-depth, thought-provoking look at a current trend we see happening online and in the world at large.

Last year, Team Webby visited nearly 200 companies in 25 cities around the world, including Wieden + Kennedy, The BBC, Funny or Die, Disney, Intel, and more. This year we are excited to share our talk with more creative agencies, media companies, and Internet brands than ever before. Each year the tour provides us with a birds eye view of the best of the web. With over 12,000 entries last year we are looking forward to seeing even more of the best of this years Web first.

Join us as we visit the industry's leading companies in technology, advertising and media to bring you exclusive interviews, videos, photos and more, from all around the globe! Meet the team and see our Tour Schedule to find out when we'll be in your city.

At Your Service

'At Your Service' explores a future where brands use technology to provide near magical services for a consumer that expects everything to be available, on demand, all the time, from anywhere. In addition to highlighting the brands using services to disrupt industries in 2014, we will also share proprietary research on why we call today's customer the most entitled the world has ever seen. Inc. Magazine called it the The Web Trend of the year. Read about it here.

The discussion is designed to provoke and inspire, by highlighting some of the most innovative work on the Web.

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